Magic Performance

Looking to Add a Magical Performance to Your Event?

Over The Top Magic offers a variety of magical acts that’ll amaze, inspire, and leave you wanting more!

Close-up/Walk Around Magic

Close Up Magic Performance Grad Nights Close Up

Often regarded as table-hopping, Brady performs close up magic by presenting shorter magic trick routines to smaller groups. These usually involve cards, coins, cell phones, a bit of mentalism, and a lot of age-appropriate comical relief. The best part is that everyone can see and participate! These are great for breaking the ice during events, such as festivals, trade shows, cocktail hours, intimate house parties, and business meetings!

Magic Show – Stage Act

City of Arlington 4th of July stage-show-6

Looking to entertain your guests on a much larger scale? How about a stage show that’ll keep your guests on the edge of their seats? Jokingly titled ‘magic with everyday objects’, Brady performs illusions from commonly used items in ways in which you have not seen! Have you heard about the trick where a balloon predicts the serial number of a guest’s dollar bill, as well as their shoe size?  Or perhaps the paper trick designed to show a hilarious ‘secret’ outcome to the audience watching, well before the volunteer on stage catches on? Tailored to fit private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, assemblies, rehearsal dinners, and retreats, Brady incorporates a high-energy comedic routine that’ll surprise and delight even the biggest skeptic.

Magic Lessons

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Seeking that perfect present for your child with an interest in magic? Brady offers a great lesson package for beginner to intermediate child magicians that can be completed in person or via Skype. These lessons cover close-up techniques (such as misdirection), card and coin manipulations, beginning stage acts, and magic tricks to show off to their friends and family! The first lesson involves an assessment of your child’s current skills and then Brady works with them to build their strengths. Parents are always welcome to attend and are encouraged to participate at the end when their child shows off an astounding new trick!

Or, perhaps you’re looking for a unique option to entertain everyone at your event? How about a group building exercise to get the creative juices flowing? Brady teaches simple, easy to learn and perform magic tricks that’ll bring out the laughter and self confidence for everyone in the room. These are a hit at children’s birthday parties, scouting events, as well as business meetings, and meet-ups!