About Brady

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After a lifetime of experience, passion, and preparation,
Brady Ramsey is ready to make your next event Over the Top.

From his first experience watching magicians perform at a young age, Brady Ramsey has been fixated on providing others that same wonder and amazement he found after that fateful performance. Now, after years as a passionate magic enthusiast and even more as a performing professional, he set on making that dream a reality. While crisscrossing the United States and subsequently honing his talents and magical repertoire, Brady’s geared up to provide the perfect act for your special occasion.
Here's his story:

The Early Years

After graduating high school, Brady moved around with friends and family for a number of years. Eventually, he found himself in Hawaii. While living there, he started adding new skills to his craft by taking lessons from local magicians. Upon moving to California, he made friends with other magicians and became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Rings 76 of San Diego and 192 of Vista. Since then, he's moved around both Washington State and Arizona until finally settling down with his wife and son in Snohomish County.

A Passion for Performance

Entertaining others and witnessing their reactions of astonishment, excitement and amazement is his sole reason he continues to perform. That single unforgettable moment after a trick is done encapsulates all of the feelings he felt himself so long ago. No matter how many times he performs or for whom the trick is done, the only thing that changes is the people - never “the face.”

Brady's love for magic and entertainment has led him to hundreds of different stages. From birthday parties to baby showers, corporate events or any number of other special occasions, he tailor-fits every performance to his audience's unique tastes, while his strong stage presence and lighthearted humor helps every spectator feel included.

Contact Over the Top Magic

Contact Brady at 425-314-6320, and together, we'll make your next event Over the Top! If you'd like to learn more about what Brady and Over the Top Magic can do to add color and personality to your event, call us for a free, no-obligation quote.

We'll give you all the information you need to book the perfect magic act for your next get-together. No matter the size of your audience, Brady will provide the perfect combination of personality, skill, and commitment to making your event unforgettable. We look forward to hearing from you!